Many renowned companies and organizations across vertical sectors rely on KVM solutions made by IHSE.
You are invited to also benefit from our highly-available systems and enormous transfer speeds.


  • Abbey Road Studios (UK)

    Abbey Road Studios’ new Dolby Atmos Mix Stage

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    Abbey Road Studios (UK)
  • Deluxe Studios (USA)

    The Deluxe facility on Seward Street in Hollywood was designed around Avid | S6 Con- soles and Pro Tools | HDX.

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    Deluxe Studios (USA)
  • Loudness (Portugal)

    “The IHSE KVM system has allowed us to organize studio layout in the way that best suits the mixing crew and greatly reduces the amount of equipment and distraction in the editing suites.” Branko Neskov, founder of Loudness Films

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    Loudness (Portugal)
  • Shapeshifter (USA)

    Hollywood-based Shapeshifter Post employs IHSE KVM system to manage post production workflow.

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    Shapeshifter (USA)
  • Sonic Magic Studios (USA)

    “We upgraded the first IHSE KVM system we had to a bigger one – because we liked it so much” Jonathan Wales, CEO at Sonic Magic Studios

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    Sonic Magic Studios (USA)
  • Technicolor (USA)

    Technicolor built post production sound facility employing Draco tera KVM matrix switch for HD signal distribution and switching.

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    Technicolor (USA)


  • BT Sport (UK)

    “For 24/7 operation, resilience and reliability is crucial. (…) Since launch last year, it has proven itself to be of the utmost reliability.” Hugh Pollard, Timeline TV

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    BT Sport (UK)
  • Chukyo TV (Japan)

    Draco tera KVM system streamlines Japanese broadcaster's worflows

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    Chukyo TV (Japan)
  • Facility House (USA)

    Netherland-based Facility House Broadcast Group uses IHSE KVM technology for the distribution of HD signals throughout an HD outside broadcast truck.

    > Further information
    Facility House (USA)
  • France Televisions (France)

    France Télévisions studios increase efficiency and communication with the help of IHSE KVM system.

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    France Televisions (France)
  • Game Creek (USA)

    IHSE Draco tera compact KVM switch gives Game Creek’s Spirit new flexibility for replay operations.

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    Game Creek  (USA)
  • Mediacorp (Singapore)

    Flexibility in Video and Radio Broadcast at the enormous new Media Campus

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    Mediacorp (Singapore)
  • NEP Supertrucks (Australia)

    NEP builds Australia’s first 4K OB supertrucks with Draco tera KVM system.

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    NEP Supertrucks (Australia)
  • ORF (Austria)

    ORF upgraded TV studios with IHSE KVM system to ensure the highest level of flexibility.

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    ORF (Austria)
  • RTL (Belgium)

    RTL broadcast facility uses Draco KVM system for total control and access of broadcast equipment

    > Further information
    RTL (Belgium)
  • Sky Radio Group (Netherlands)

    Sky Radio Group connects and manages radio stations with IHSE KVM system.

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    Sky Radio Group (Netherlands)
  • SRF (Switzerland)

    SRF provides access and control of computers in busy studio complex using IHSE KVM system.

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    SRF (Switzerland)
  • TV Pink (Serbia)

    Serbian broadcaster Pink Media Group controls images on news channel’s large videowalls using IHSE KVM switch.

    > Further information
    TV Pink (Serbia)
  • Videohouse (Netherlands)

    Videohouse developped a new concept Outside Broadcast truck using IHSE KVM switch.

    > Further information
    Videohouse (Netherlands)
  • ZDF (Germany)

    IHSE KVM system manages HD signal distribution and switching at ZDF TV studios.

    > Further information
    ZDF (Germany)
  • Zhejiang Radio & TV Group (China)

    Draco tera KVM system takes Chinese broadcaster to the next level

    > Further information
    Zhejiang Radio & TV Group (China)

Air Traffic Control / Airports

  • Bulatsa (Bulgaria)

    Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (BULATSA) uses IHSE KVM extenders for the transmission of critical data between Airport building and ATC tower at Sofia Airport.

    > Further information
    Bulatsa (Bulgaria)
  • Frankfurt Airport (Germany)

    Frankfurt Airport distributes real-time information to their control center and simulation rooms with IHSE KVM systems.

    > Further information
    Frankfurt Airport (Germany)
  • Jersey Airport (UK)

    IHSE KVM extenders transmit critical data to the top of the 39 meters high Jersey Airport tower.

    > Further information
    Jersey Airport (UK)
  • Thales SkyCentre (France)

    The future of Air Traffic Management uses Draco tera KVM switching system

    > Further information
    Thales SkyCentre (France)

Government / Defence

  • Antwerp Police (Belgium)

    New Antwerp police command truck relies on Draco tera KVM system

    > Further information
    Antwerp Police (Belgium)
  • Stadt Schwerin (Germany)

    Fire and rescue services in Schwerin use IHSE KVM switching system to manage and control fire service and rescue operations.

    > Further information
    Stadt Schwerin (Germany)

Maritime / Off Shore

  • ADK De Keizer (Netherlands)

    ADK distributes computer-based content around the vessel over a fiber backbone with IHSE KVM switch.

    > Further information
    ADK De Keizer (Netherlands)
  • Fugro Searcher (Netherlands)

    IHSE KVM extenders transmit information from sea bed survey equipment to the crew’s workstations.

    > Further information
    Fugro Searcher (Netherlands)
  • Hong Kong Harbour

    The world’s most advanced vessel tracking center relies on IHSE KVM matrix system

    > Further information
    Hong Kong Harbour
  • Petroleum Geo - Services

    Draco tera KVM switches support seismic exploration activities onboard Petroleum Geo - Services Ram form Titan Class seismic vessels

    > Further information
    Petroleum Geo - Services

Education / Training

  • Aalto University (Finland)

    Media Center Lume at Aalto University in Finland uses IHSE KVM system to provide operational flexibility.

    > Further information
    Aalto University (Finland)
  • EU Parlamentarium (Belgium)

    The Parlamentarium interactive museum uses IHSE KVM extenders providing feedback channels for real-time touchscreen control, giving visitors a lively and sophisticated experience.

    > Further information
    EU Parlamentarium (Belgium)
  • Royal Academy of Music

    Royal Academy of Music achieves flexible management of live AV recordings with Draco tera KVM system.

    > Further information
    Royal Academy of Music

Venues / Entertainment

  • The Crystal (UK)

    Siemens‘ The Crystal uses IHSE KVM extenders to achieve instant response for interactive touch operation.

    > Further information
    The Crystal (UK)
  • VfB Friedrichshafen (Germany)

    VfB Friedrichshafen volleyball team uses Draco tera KVM switch to select and transmit video streams from live cameras and graphic computers to screens and projectors.

    > Further information
    VfB Friedrichshafen (Germany)
  • The Han Show (China)

    A celebration of the essence of the Han culture in Wuhan, China, relies on a Draco tera enterprise matrix switch for each performance.

    > Further information
    The Han Show (China)
  • Hong Kong Jockey Club

    Hong Kong Jockey Club equips new broadcast center with Draco tera enterprise KVM matrix switch

    > Further information
    Hong Kong Jockey Club
  • Intel (USA)

    Intel's Executive Keynote Group (EKG) uses KVM technology by IHSE at Intel's keynote presentations.

    > Further information
    Intel (USA)
  • Residence Theater (Germany)

    „IHSE’s KVM technology meant a major advantage in speed of operation, functionality and clarity to us. With matrix installations each user can access all sources from any position. “Alexander Zahel,Sound engineer at the Residence Theater

    > Further information
    Residence Theater (Germany)
  • The Star PAC (Singapore)

    Singapore’s iconic venue The Star Performing Arts Center required the utmost in functionality, efficiency and flexibility providing artefact-free connectivity and supporting instant switching.

    > Further information
    The Star PAC (Singapore)
  • Vienna Airport (Austria)

    Vienna Airoport uses IHSE technology for interactive art installations, transmitting video and computer signals by bidirectional KVM extenders.

    > Further information
    Vienna Airport (Austria)
  • The View from the Shard (UK)

    The tallest building in Western Europe required IHSE KVM extenders to create the lift ride in a most pleasant way with high resolution videos on the ceilings.

    > Further information
    The View from the Shard (UK)

Medical / Health Care

  • Blackrock (USA)

    Blackrock Neuromed deployed an IHSE KVM switching system at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin providing advanced monitoring for critical care of children.

    > Further information
    Blackrock (USA)
  • Vienna Hospital (Austria)

    Draco tera compact KVM switch enables centralized IT management of eleven hospitals

    > Further information
    Vienna Hospital (Austria)

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