IHSE USA’s Draco tera tool GUI provides the facility engineer all the tools necessary to build a flexible, intuitive and scalable control and management system – no matter what the environment. Up to 575 users can be configured on a single level or up to 4600 over 24 levels using the optional matrix grid software bundle. Utilizing the latest Java Runtime Engine (JRE), the Draco tera tool provides an easy to navigate GUI interface allowing quick and simple setup. Easy to follow user windows and straightforward pull down menus guide you through system setup. Features includes switch management, extender assignment and naming, SNMP setup, SYSLOG and SNTP. The tera tool interfaces to the Draco tera switch hardware via TCP/IP protocol





TeraTool V3.5.3.zip


For early versions contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



EDID Troubleshooting Software

winDDC_Setup.zip (5Mb)

-       This is an executable utility designed to assist with troubleshooting EDID issues. It is highly recommended that a qualified service technician install and operate this utility.

-       Contact IHSE USA Customer Service before downloading this file so a technician can walk you through the procedures for using the tools.

-       Download the zip file to your hard drive

-       Unzip the file (You must have administrative rights to your computer for this tool to operate properly)

-       Open the .exe file to see the OSD display

-       CAUTION: This software is a third party shared utility and in not maintained or updated by IHSE USA, LLC or any of its subsidiaries.






Option Bundle 1 (Part No. 480-B1):

·          Extended Switching (Draco tera tool): Bundle 1 contains the Extended Switching function. By activating this function you can switch any console to any available CPU according to the existing access rights.

·          Presets (Draco tera tool): In addition, Bundle 1 contains the presets function. This service allows you to save and activate completely predefined matrix switchings at the push of a button.


Option Bundle 2 (Part No. 480-B2):

·          API Service: Bundle 2 contains all Bundle 1 features plus API (Application Programming Interface) Service for external media control to enable external switching of the matrix.

·          External control can be done by serial commands via serial (RS232) or network (TCP/IP) connection.

Option Bundle 3 (Part No. 480-B3):

·          SNMP: This bundle enables controlling of all function critical and safety critical parts of the matrix.

·          When using the SNMP function the matrix status can be monitored at any time.

·          In case of failures SNMP will output alerts, e. g. via e-mail, if you are using a SNMP server with monitoring function.

·          By using the SNMP function you definitely stop wasting time for fault tracing.

·          Syslog: This bundle supplies an overall protocol function. It offers complete logging of the Draco tera matrix regarding activities, switching operations and the surveillance of function critical components like fans or power supply.

·          Syslog monitoring can easily be filtered, allowing quick and target-oriented searching of relevant messages out of a number of logged activities.

Option Bundle 4 (Part No. 480-B4):

·          Matrix Grid (dynamic cascading): This bundle supports the realization of applications exceeding the number of available ports. You can easily extend the system by connecting different Draco tera matrices bi-directionally.

Option Bundle 5 (Part No. 480-B5):

·          Multi-Screen Control: Bundle 5 contains Multi-Screen Control. This function supplies access to up to 4 connected sources from one single console, consisting of keyboard and mouse. You can easily address and operate the sources by mouse movements or keyboard commands.

·          The monitors can be arranged in sequence or as a square.

·          Switching is done smoothly by crossing the mouse pointer beyond the respective monitor to the next one.

·          It is also possible to display multi-head sources, simultaneously, using simple hotkey commands. 

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