KVM Switches

Kvm Switches

Our new DSXi- Extender ( KVM Switches ) series supports DVI graphic interfaces (DVI-D) in an uncompressed mode and highest resolution (up to 1920x1200@60Hz).

Furthermore about KVM Switches, all devices transmit USB keyboard and mouse signals. Due to our Enhanced USB Emulation (EUE) the device will also support a wide range of special USB HID Devices like touch screens or multimedia keyboards.

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Due to uncompressed transfer of the DVI Data in full speed, our DSXi meets highest demands: no picture corruption or Frame-Drops can occur. Even on highest resolutions (1920x1200@60Hz) you’ll enjoy a comfortable working and a smooth picture movement on videos. The maximum transfer distance depends on the screen resolution. But even in the highest resolution of 1920x1200 you can easily bridge 40m.The high-density design allows dense packing in 19“ server racks. Up to 5 devices can be mounted into 19“/1U. Even, using it for a desktop application, it is very attractive!    -    KVM Switches