High Performance Dual-Head/Dual Link KVM Extender for Ultra Series Systems

The Draco vario ultra Dual-Head KVM extender enables the connection of two DVI monitors over a single Cat X or fiber cable, saving the expense of a second extender and reducing cabling cost and installation effort. When used in conjunction with KVM matrix systems, the Draco vario ultra Dual-Head KVM extender saves valuable matrix ports. Its sister product, the Draco vario ultra Dual Link KVM extender, enables the transmission of DVI signals to one single monitor up to 4K resolution. Extension of signals requires a single data cable.

The extenders are compatible with regular Single-Head/Single extenders: Consoles can access Single-Head/Single Link CPU Units instantaneously. In this situation, signals from Single-Head/Single Link sources are embedded within the Dual Link signal format and can be switched with no discernible switching delay. Single-Head/Single Link images are displayed at their own native resolution within a blanked area on-screen.

  • Excellent image quality at all resolutions
  • Only one KVM matrix port per unit required
  • Wide range of additional options:
    • Two USB ports for HID devices
    • USB 2.0 embedded/full speed
    • Serial interface (RS232 or RS422)
    • Analog audio
    • Digital audio
  • Redundant data link
  • 19” rack mount kit available
  • Redundant power (load-sharing) optional
  • Compatible* with all:
    • major operating systems
    • chassis of the Draco vario series
    • IHSE Draco KVM matrix switches
    • other main modules of Draco vario ultra extenders (49x series)
    • Draco vario upgrade modules for audio and data signals such as USB 2.0, balanced audio or RS232



Key Features and Benefits
* No-delay switching times with IHSE’s Instant Switch technology
* Build extender solutions with single or dual-link in the same chassis
* Support for DVI-D dual-link, DVI-D single-link (X2), USB, Audio, and RS-232
* Transmit dual-link DVI plus USB, audio and control up to 400 feet (140 meters) over a single cat-X cable.
* Transmit dual-link DVI plus USB, audio and control up to 32,800 feet (10 kilometers) over a single fiber optic cable
* I/O interface: DMS-59  connector (2 x DVI-D dual-head/single-link adapter)
* DMS-59  connector includes captive screw connectors for secure cable mounting
* Computer video up to 2560x2048 or two 1920x1200 or 2K video displays
* Pick the right USB port requirements from either USB-HID, USB 2.0 High Speed, or USB 2.0 embedded – get maximum USB functionality with USB 2.0 up to 480 Mbit, or for secure locations just select USB-HID for keyboard mouse only.
* RS-232/RS-422 for control signals up to 115.2 kBaud
* Compatible with CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT7 twisted pair cable using RJ-45 connections
* Optional fiber using LC  connections
* PCM audio can be transmitted with sample rates up to 96kHz
* Supports EDID and DDC data for sink/source acknowledgement
* Integrated setting for unit configuration include:
    Disable DDC transmission to protect current video mode
    Disable HDI transmission to protect current USB-HID
    Set compression rates to maximize customer requirements for video transport
    Set frame allows a snap-shot image for location marks during CPU backup
    Hold Picture allows users to  show last image before video link loss
* Simple keyboard commands (hotkeys) for transmission of remotely connected monitor’s DDC information.
* LED indicators for signal presence and power
* Energy efficient power supply
Space, power and cost savings
* Redundant power option available
* Compact size for areas where rack space is limited
* Redundant path options for mission critical environments
Ideal for small to mid-range workstations
* Simplified cable management
* High density fiber allows efficient cabling and long distance interconnects

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