• Broadcast / Post Production

    State-of-the-art broadcast studios and post production suites depend on KVM technology in their workflow.

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    Broadcast / Postproduction
  • Venues / Entertainment

    KVM systems with bidirectional signal transmission provide an instantaneous feedback channel for a wide range of user interfaces and enable human-machine interaction in the cultural industry.

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    Venues / Entertainment
  • Utilities / Transportation

    Control rooms manage huge amounts of mission-critical information.

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    Control Rooms
  • Education / Training

    KVM systems enable comprehensive data communication and computer access to students in training and education, wherever they are located.

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    Education / Training
  • Government / Defence

    Government facilities require highly secure, totally reliable and adaptable information systems. KVM switches are ideally suited to the task of delivering data.

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    Government / Defence
  • Banking / Finance

    In today’s financial world, access to up-to-date information is critical. KVM matrix switches enable immediate individual access to a vast number of computers at the touch of a button.

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  • Air Traffic Control / Airports

    Airports operate several different control centers which are manned 24/7 throughout the year and are critical to airport operations.

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    Air Traffic Control
  • Industrial / Corporate

    KVM systems can dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of industrial and commercial organizations

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    Industrial / Commercial
  • Maritime / Off Shore

    KVM matrix switches enable selection and switching between individual computers and users in response to operational conditions, meeting the demands and requirements of ships of all sizes.

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    Maritime / Off Shore
  • Medical / Health Care

    A KVM system helps to maximize scarce medical resources and efficiency whilst enhancing data flow and minimizing delays and risk of errors

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    Medical / Health Care
  • Case Studies by Market

    Take a look at how businesses are driving results with solutions from IHSE.

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    Case Studies

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