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IHSE USA’s reputation for excellence and quality reflect the safety and reliability standards for German engineering. Our products are built to suit all environments of air traffic environments – from regional to international airports- and can work independently or as an integrated part of the overall airport computer management system. All IHSE USA systems give the customer the flexibility to add modules when needed for future expansion. High levels of integration and ease of sharing information between present and future systems is also an important part of the IHSE USA product offerings.


Exceptional system reliability with built-in redundancy

Some airports are large; some small and some growing. The IHSE USA products for ATC can be sized and scaled to suit almost any environmental situation. For small airports, our Draco compact series of KVM matrices are a very cost effective solution. For larger airports with increased traffic control requirements, our modular Draco enterprise KVM matrix solutions provide a modular design that can grow or expand as your needs do – without the need to remove or replace installed equipment. Our products are designed to support critical work flow environments with options for redundant power, redundant path extensions and redundant controllers. To support safety at all times, special efforts have been made to make our hardware easily adapted to network management systems for SNMP, SYSLOG, multi-level switch grid management and integrated network diagnostics.


Bringing multiple disparate systems under one keyboard and mouse

In a traditional ATCT, a large number of disparate systems are installed that function as stand-alone devices. These systems are frequently obtained from different manufactures equipped with their own displays and input interfaces. This normally forces the Air Traffic Controller to interact with multiple systems and keyboards. With IHSE’s U-Switch and matrix switch solutions, it becomes much easier to manage these systems under a single keyboard and mouse. This reduces desktop clutter as well as creates a superior work flow to manage multiple screens and operations under one access point. For security, IHSE USA allows administrators full access to define user access permissions, log-in requirements as well as other diagnostics and over site of each workstation on the system.


Design systems that fit your specific configuration

When merging various data systems under a centralized KVM switch environment, the Draco tera compact and enterprise series of matrix switchers establish the perfect focal point for video and data distribution to the workstation area. All ATC external systems such as A-SMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement and Guidance Control System), DMAN (departure management system), EMAN (arrival management system), ASR (Air Surveillance Radar), MET (Meteorological data), EFPS (electronic flight strip plan systems), DATIS (digital automated terminal information) and others can be efficiently managed from a single access keyboard/mouse.




Thales SkyCentre - The future of Air Traffic Management uses Draco tera KVM switching system


Control center and simulation rooms at Frankfurt Airport deploy Draco tera compact matrix switches


IHSE KVM extenders transmit critical data between Airport building and ATC tower at Sofia Airport


KVM Extenders help airport operations at Jersey Airport


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