IHSE USA’s KVM matrix switches and extenders dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of industrial and commercial organizations.
KVM matrix switches improve data access throughout the organization allowing users at any terminal to access required data instantly and easily. The benefits of KVM switching are reduced costs, energy usage and taking less physical space at the workstation.

Market Solutions
IHSE USA offers a complete portfolio of innovative KVM connectivity products that serve a broad range of industrial and commercial applications. From multi-room distribution to custom design systems for digital signage, board rooms, worship centers, universities and many others.  IHSE USA also provides unique and specialized KVM solutions for federal and government agencies.

Digital signal is used by the majority of industries to deliver dynamic and impactful messaging to focused audiences for specific information sharing such as shopping mall store messaging, passengers navigation in airline terminals, educational learning at museums, and other messaging signage at sporting venues, sports bars and restaurants. IHSE USA’s full line of DVI and HDMI extenders provide the options and products necessary to connect multiple signage devices over fiber optics or cat-x connectivity.
Whether the focus in on projection, audio, real-time presentations or smart white board management, KVM systems from IHSE USA can used across a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors. Whatever your need – from single client presentations to full-scale executive board room management, IHSE USA’s Draco tera enterprise and tera compact family of matrix and extenders provide connectivity for equipment utilizing DVI, HDMI, USB, Audio and RS-232 data.
IHSE USA understands the need for House of Worships to grow and evolve their current audio and video to engage all generations of their congregation – from the young who expect a fully immersed multimedia experience to the older generation who may need enhanced audio for better hearing. Whether you are retrofitting a sanctuary, broadcasting over the air or streaming live presentations to the web, IHSE USA can provide a complete line of video and digital distribution products to support classrooms, overflow areas or lobby presentation as well as multi-screen presentations for live sermons. IHSE USA’s digital connectivity KVM products help these house of worships not only utilize their existing legacy devices, but also allows integration of new digital technology that is both reliable and affordable.
IHSE USA provides a wealth of audio and video solutions for K-12, higher education and learning centers requiring proven and reliable audio and video technologies. Today’s educational environment utilizes a wide range of AV and KVM equipment in class rooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and campus digital signage and IHSE USA’s family of matrix switches and extender products are perfectly fitted for education/learning venues offering simple and easy connectivity solutions that can be used by both instructors and students.
IHSE USA has a keen understanding of how leading Pharmaceutical companies deliver key messages and their value propositions to their customers. IHSE USA’s family of KVM computer and server extenders offer the perfect digital signal solutions for new drug or device launches, trade show or conference presentations, sales force training or customer waiting areas.
Firms within the legal profession are constantly looking for innovative ways to increase revenue and retain clients. Audio visual technologies such as IHSE USA’s KVM matrix and extenders for conferencing, presentation and collaboration workspaces enable these firms to accomplish their business objectives more effectively.  Whether it is sharing server information across multiple workstations, capturing depositions or accessing expert witnesses worldwide, KVM products are poised to transform the next generation information gathering and sharing – from interactive whiteboards to collaboration workstations, legal professionals are able to access and share information more effectively.
In today’s financial and banking world, access to up-to-date information is critical. Traders, analysts and other key decision makers never seem to have enough. Screens and computers proliferate around the financial floor, adding to the complexity and overhead of setup, management and control, as well as adding significantly to the space and heat control problems encountered by the facilities staff. But still limit access to information to pre-selected streams and results. KVM matrix switches change all that by enabling immediate individual access to far more computers at the touch of a button. Users can select and gain instant access to hundreds of data, audio and video streams, allowing them to review and react immediately to world events.
Technology advances in KVM have spurred great growth and accomplishments in the architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C) fields. With the demand for integrated video conferencing and faster collaboration solutions, decision makers are looking for cost effective ways to share data through video and audio no matter where they are located in the world. IHSE USA offers high performance KVM products that enhance collaboration for the document reviews during the design and construction phases.

What type of typical applications benefit from KVM solutions
•    Server Rooms
•    LAN Administrator workstations
•    Help desks
•    Labs and Training Rooms
•    Classrooms
•    Conference rooms
•    Command and Control rooms
•    Simulation and Visualization rooms
•    SCADA control stations
•    Large network operating centers
•    Auditoriums
•    Sports venue signage
•    Waiting rooms
•    Hall way signage and directional boards



The Synchrotron Radiation Center at Hiroshima University runs with the aid of a Draco tera enterprise matrix switch


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