KVM systems play an important part for medical training and records management at health care facilities.
The Healthcare Industry has made some significant transformations in the last few years, mainly focusing on specific patient-centered privacy while creating specialized audiovisual requirements for Doctors and Healthcare Facilities to share and collaborate images and data across the globe.

In the health care environment digital video data systems – such as those provided by IHSE USA - are playing a larger part in the security and interactive training and teaching systems. In the classroom, the use of projectors and audio speakers for training and education enhances the learning experience.  

In the health care environment KVM and computer management systems are playing a larger part of the security plan
Today’s digital x-ray technology has eliminated the need for dark rooms and bulky archival storage facilities that were not particularly secure. Modern high definition digital radiology allows medical images to be stored on computers, DVR’s or other digital imaging devices without loss of critical image quality. IHSE USA offers a comprehensive line of high resolution KVM switch and extender products to combine multiple x-ray systems, video cameras, or imaging devices for sharing to a single display source, recorder or multiple display devices and recorders simultaneously.

Telemedicine is not a separate medical specialty. Products and services related to telemedicine are often part of a larger investment by health care institutions in either information technology or the delivery of clinical care.
Cost of new digital imaging technology has come down dramatically since it was first introduced in the early 1990s.  Digital x-ray equipment, digital storage devices and Advanced Picture Archival and Communications Systems (APACS) that would have cost millions can now be purchased for a few thousand dollars. With the advantages of adding more digital healthcare equipment, Healthcare provides must evaluate the best methods and approaches for shared communications between Doctors and Healthcare facilities while maintaining sensitive patient information and confidentiality. High resolution imaging distribution is where IHSE USA offers a clear advantage when quality, performance, and 24/7 operations are more than just feature sets.

Areas where IHSE USA products can be used
•    Tele-radiology: providing faster and efficient diagnosis of medical images like X-RAY directly to the radiologist’s desktop. Maintain critical equipment in a secure room and use IHSE USA KVM products for long distance connectivity point-to-point to the desktop.
•    Tele-consultation: General Practitioner consultation through an audio visual conference and exchange patient information for routine chronic disease management, non-emergency review and prescription discussions.
•    Tele-cardiology:  Use KVM equipment to share operation room workstations for monitoring of blood pressure, electrocardiograms, pulse, etc.
•    Tele-dermatology: With high definition full 24 bit color, IHSE USA KVM allows easy desktop analysis of the patient through remote diagnosis of skin conditions. Physician and Hospital facilities can quickly share images and consult while viewing images simultaneously over long distance fiber connections.
•    Tele-pathology: Connect multiple laboratories together for view-sharing of lab specimens through camera-based microscopes;  even if the labs are located at remote locations.



IHSE Draco tera KVM matrix switch helps Wisconsin hospital provide advanced monitoring for critical care of children


Draco tera compact KVM switch enables centralized IT management of eleven hospitals in the city of Vienna


Multi-Signal Converter enables Gisela Hospital the re-use of an analog sonographic scanner


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